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N6 modification of Robotgroup robot to program in Python

Last week, was held in Argentina PyConAr Conference on the Python language. Within the same demonstrations were made on how to program these robots through this language, some modifications to Robot efectuándole Multiplo N6 to allow interactive program published in the 9th Conference on Free Software (JAIIO JSL)
You can see examples of how these robots python code using the following link
Several types of robots, such as N6 has the following characteristics:
The N6 is a differential drive robot, detachable and compatible with all accessories and parts Multiplo construction system. For traction, features 2 gearboxes manufactured by RobotGroup, which possess the high strength gears and metal bushings. Designed specifically for use in education, this robot can be programmed using the Arduino programming environment, making it more user friendly. Also to couple it possesses standard anchorage standard Arduino Shields (shields as WiFi, Ethernet, Zigbee, additional motors, etc.).
The creators of these robots is Robotgroup born in 2000 as a company dedicated to robotics education. In 2008 it merged with multiple, specialized in the design and manufacture of robots. RobotGroup consists of three business units:
Together with the Ministry of Science and Technology in Argentina is revolutionizing technical education, because thanks to the "Robotics for all" robots are being delivered in public schools and training teachers to use these technologies easily.

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