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Aracho Orbit – Butter for the dry toast of Google Apps

arachno-suiteOne of the first Cloud applications I recommend for any business is Google Apps, it’s such a swiss army knife of an application set that you will immediately make practical use of it, and continue to find many more ways after that too.

However it does suffer from a few missing pieces and the biggest one is lacking an alternative  to Sharepoint, the file share and web collaboration portal for the Microsoft suite.

Where Microsoft has Word, Excel, Powerpoint and so on, so Google has an alternative, but where there is an empty slot is a Sharepoint alternative. This is a huge hole given that Sharepoint has been Microsoft’s most popular product and been instrumental in this dominance of the office productivity market.

In short it means Google Apps is still a bit like eating dry toast – Sure you can and it does the job, but it badly needs some butter to make it enjoyable, and that’s where the partner ecosystem becomes so critical.

Partners like Arachno are filling this gap, through their Orbit product.

Read more in this Nucleus Research report about how it enables Google Apps to be positioned against Microsoft Sharepoint.

bestpractice-small Arachno Orbit has also been added to our best practices guide – Going Google Enterprise.

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