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Passlogy Releases New Free Authentication Mobile-App Using Both Innovative Pattern System and Time-Base One-Time Password

Passlogy is proud to announce the commencement of the Federation Trial Service in which users can sign-up to use and try our hybrid one-time password token application.

The Passlogy Token and the Federation Trial Service is a free service and allows people to experience the high-end security offered through the innovative Passlogy authentication method.

The Passlogy Token is a downloadable smartphone application using two security authentication methods. The first is the Passlogy pattern authentication method, while the other is a time-based one-time password algorithm (RFC: 6238). This application is constructed using both patent-pending and patent-protected technology.

Passlogy pattern authentication method:
When a user tries to login to their system, they are presented with a 4 by 12 grid of random numbers. The user then simply inputs numbers following his/her secret unique pattern in relation to the grid. The user is protected as every time they login, the random numbers in the grid are changed and thus the password will be a different set of numbers.

e.g. secret unique pattern

Passlogy Token features:
1. Users can login even while their smartphone is offline.
2. Passlogy Token uses both the time-based one-time password algorithm and the Passlogy pattern authentication method. So in the case that a smartphone installed with Passlogy Token is lost or stolen, confidential information stays secure and protected.
3. Passlogy Token is compatible with other hardware tokens that are based on the time-based one-time password algorithm.
4. Financial services and online banking in particularly can benefit from the added security of Passlogy’s patent-protected two factor and two way authentication methods.

Passlogy Token for Android

Passlogy Token for iPhone

Federation Trial Service
You can register up to 5 user ID
Coordination with Google Apps, salesforce, cybozu.com, and Juniper MAG through SAML2.0 protocol.

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